Much of Canada’s Most Important Innovation and Research Occurs Along a Single Train Corridor

Could it be that in a nation as geographically expansive as Canada, a majority of its innovation occurs along a single train corridor?

Arguably so.

Enter the Kitchener GO train, which connects the Kitchener-Waterloo region to Toronto.

“At each end is one of the world’s great innovations clusters, and connections to a staggering list of nodes innovating in technology, education, art, culture, entertainment, life sciences, manufacturing, logistics, aerospace, agricultural, fashion, and finance,” writes software developer Christopher Pyper on Medium.

Within kilometres, Pyper notes, the Kitchener GO line reaches several startup clusters, universities and colleges, accelerators and incubators, venture capital firms and Fortune 500 companies, and the financial heart of the nation.

Check out Pyper’s awesome graphic below (click for full size).