Tweet and Win at The Art of Marketing

On Tuesday March 2nd The Art of Marketing hits Toronto.  In an effort to make the event as interactive as possible, event organizers will be requesting guests to submit questions to the speakers via Twitter.

On the day of the event attendees will be prompted to submit questions.  For example, “to ask a Seth Godin a question, tweet ” #sg #taom”.  The hashtags represent the name of the event as well as the speaker’s name. 

The Biz Media, the official video partner of The Art of Marketing, will be ask each speaker the winning question/tweet.  At the conclusion of the event, a video will be produced which will include highlights from the day as well as all of the winning questions and answers. 

Those who submit a winning entry will win an autographed book by one of the speakers.

Keep your eyes on Techvibes following the event to watch this video and also to see if you’ve won!

The Art of Marketing takes place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and features Seth Godin, Mitch Joel, Dan Heath, Max Lenderman, Sally Hogshead and James Othmer.

For ticket information please visit The Art of Marketing.