Uberflip Adds AI to Recommendation Engine

Toronto-based Uberflip is leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance its content management tools.

The company has launched an AI-based recommendation engine, the first product of its kind for content marketers that’ll allow companies to better personalize online content.

Uberflip AI combines machine learning algorithms, visitor intent data, and natural language processing that learns and adapts to visitor behaviour over time—allowing the intelligent engine to make targeted recommendations.

“With Uberflip AI, we are now realizing the dream of bringing artificial intelligence to content marketing—helping marketers predict, recommend, and automate content experiences for their audiences,” said Uberflip CEO Yoav Schwartz in a press release. “Marketers now have intelligent automation that matches each unique visitor’s topics of interest with corresponding content they’ll be more likely to consume.”

The new AI-driven recommendation engine pulls visitor intent data aggregated by Bombora—a New York-based B2B provider of customer insight data—to customize content based on a person’s web history and interests.

Uberflip AI gives marketers key information about who is coming to their websites and what kind of content they’re looking for.

“In the short time since we started to implement artificial intelligence based content recommendations, we have already seen an acceleration in our sales and marketing pipeline, with the numbers to back it up,” said Carrie Murphy, content marketing manager at Revinate.

The company said the intelligent engine will give content marketers “more control” and its recommendations will boost website engagement.