Vancouver startup Jostle effectively tames the complexity of today’s enterprise

JostleOkay, Jostle is not technically founded or based in Vancouver—but the historically rich “Royal City” of New Westminster is just as cool, and it proves startups can thrive outside of the city’s core.

So what’s Jostle all about? Perhaps they say it best:

Enterprises have endured a legacy of big software, an approach that attempts to impose grand unification (a single set of tools and processes for everyone), and results in high costs, out-of-date systems, disconnected employees and poor agility. With the advent of rich visual interfaces, open connectivity and cross-platform mobility, enterprises are moving to a more flexible, app-like world. For this to work, two things are necessary: 1) it needs to be clear who is doing what (who is contributing to teams, be they a traditional team, a project team, a cross-silo working group or a social club) and 2) there needs to be a way to glue together the various tools and data repositories that individuals use into the context of these teams. Jostle provides this platform.

Designed for project leaders, employee engagement champions, and freelancers, Jostle has created a People “Engagement Platform” that “glues enterprises together.” This platform enables innovative companies to clarify their organization, reveal hidden expertise and engage their employees, according to the company’s website. It’s enterprise software that’s accessible from any web-enabled device, working like a website (without the need to install software). The video below demonstrates how project leaders can use Jostle. Videos for employee engagement champions and freelancers are on the site’s main page.