Vancouver Startup tracks your marketing spend

Twin identical sisters Kristine Steuart and Katherine Berry have been busy over the past year. Their Vancouver-based startup recently unveiled its new software-as-a-service application called

Allocadia gives marketers clear visibility into their marketing budgets, helping them stay on budget or even reduce spending – a valuable benefit in the current economy. Marketers and users with access (team members, global colleagues, contractors or management) can log in to view a summary of the current state of their budgets. Reports also can be generated that disclose which vendors they’re spending the most money on, helping to identify where they can possibly negotiate contracts to reduce costs.

Luckily Steuart and Berry are only identical in looks – they skill sets are diverse and complementary with Kristine acting as the Sales & Marketing lead and Katherine as the Development lead.

Steuart’s professional experience includes years at SAP Business Objects, where she worked with companies such as Microsoft on OEM marketing and Public Relations initiatives. With an annual million-dollar marketing budget to support a 30 person sales teams with a multi-million dollar annual quota, she understands budgeting pains first-hand.

Berry’s background includes working at Kelkoo – a European e-commerce site and Yahoo! subsidiary. Berry has managed the web development process and is Allocadia’s resident search engine marketing and web development expert.

Allocadia is introductory priced with an “Always Free Plan” and a paid version. The free version includes two users, two budgets, 10 expense line items per budget, and never expires. The Paid version is $29 per month and additional users can be added for $5 per month.

Allocadia beta customers include Eat N’ Park (75 location US restaurant chain) and Absolute Software and Elastic Path Software locally.