Victoria-Made Stenomask Used in US Senate Hearing

Victoria-based Talk Technologies’ privacy microphone accurately records clean sound in open offices and public spaces—and it recently made a congressional debut.

Stenomask—a hand-held microphone built into a padded, sound-proof mask-like enclosure—was used to document testimony from former FBI director James Comey in the US senate hearing on President Donald Trump and the Russia probe this June.

When spoken into, the microphone records the speaker’s voice while simultaneously blocking out what they’re saying to nearby listeners and cancelling out background noise up to 100 per cent. The patented technology was engineered to mimic a sound-proof room, but small enough to fit over a speaker’s mouth.

The Stenomask was initially conceived in the 1940s by current CEO Damon Webb’s grandfather, Horace Webb. Horace was a Chicago courtroom shorthand reporter frustrated by the tedious and slow task of transcribing court proceedings by hand. Early prototypes included a microphone inside a cigar box and a tomato can. Today with a 70-year legacy, Talk Tech just launched the sixth generation Stenomask.

Stenomask has been used to communicate private and sensitive information across industries from court reporting to construction. The speech technology has also found a niche with law enforcement and military clients including arms within the US Army and Navy as well at the National Guard Counterdrug Task Force.