Voices Eyes Expansion to New York City Through Canadian Technology Accelerator

Voices.com is expanding its global footprint and opening up operations in New York City come September 1.

The company is currently engaged in the Canadian Technology Accelerator, a program put on by the Canadian government that invites high potential Canadian tech companies to do business development in New York City.

“As we expand, we are looking to add high energy sales team members to this location who can breathe our culture and community from miles away,” says the company’s Human Resources Manager, Kaitlyn Annaert. “Keeping these expectations at the top of the priority list will aid in finding the perfect fit for our new office space. By starting with a small team, we can master the basics of survival and success in NYC in an effort to make room for future growth.”

85% of Voices.com’s customers are located in the US. The “vast majority” of the company’s 125,000 voice talent are also located stateside.

“We are not packing up and leaving Ontario,” notes David Ciccarelli, CEO of the company. “Voices.com has had exponential growth over the past couple of years, and expanding our team into the heart of New York City, where many key clients and talent reside, is a step that will maintain the incredible momentum the company has experienced for many years to come.”