Wajam adds location-based results to Social Search

Montreal startup Wajam unveiled new features today that will bring location-based results to its social search results.

Founded late last year and funded by accelerator Bolidea, Wajam works as an add-on to search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. At the top of each search results page, it provides users with sites and news items posted by that user’s friends on the subject that was searched.

Wajam’s software crawls through all the information shared by a user’s friends on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and categorizes it so that if a friend posted an article about a specific restaurant a year ago, it would turn up when users searched the name of that restaurant.

The newly released Wajam Places shows you location-related results from your friends whenever you search online. You’ll find friends who LIVE in the city you search for, places that your friends have LIKED in this city, places your friends have CHECKED-IN to, and PHOTOS taken by your friends at this location.

Demo of the features after the jump.