Firing on All Cylinders, Wattpad Hits Another Milestone

Wattpad reached a new milestone this week.

The online reading community saw its platform hit 100 million uploads of original content, the Canadian company announced. Users spend 11 billion minutes per month reading on Wattpad.

“Readers have always loved us because we have the stories they can’t find anywhere else,” said CEO Allen Lau, a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year in the Canadian Startup Awards.

A user signs up on Wattpad every second, according to Lau, and those readers have a lot to pour over: more than 24 hours of material is posted every minute.

Meanwhile, Wattpad is evidence that anything that can be done on a smartphone will be done on a smartphone. With mobile traffic up 85%, Wattpad says in 2014 that 20 billion words were written on iOS and Android devices.

Interested in working at Wattpad? Check them out in person at the upcoming Tech Fest Toronto recruiting event on February 19th at Steam Whistle Brewing.