Waze and Spotify Now Streaming Commutes on iOS

Google-acquired Waze and music streamer Spotify have extended their musical ride partnership to iOS devices.

The navigation app teamed up with the digital music service earlier this year to integrate Spotify playlists into Waze, but the feature was originally only available on Android.

Now on all devices, Waze users can start their guided drive within Spotify, matching music to a car trip to make that morning commute a touch more tolerable.

As with Android, Spotify music will play automatically when the driving journey through Waze begins. Spotify playlists are accessed within Waze to easily pause and change tracks on the road—but a new safety feature is helping cut down on distracted driving.

The app integration only allows users to browse and switch playlists in Waze when the car is at a complete stop. Users can still pause/play music and switch to Spotify the old way, but the update is hoping to make people think twice when behind the wheel.