IGotcha Media Launches WellVR to Manage Stress with Virtual Reality

As the world becomes more connected and IoT now lets us check email from a smart speaker in your living room, managing stress and a high-pace life is paramount to a healthy state of mental well-being.

IGotcha Media is addressing these kinds of concerns with the launch of WellVR, a stress management application that uses virtual reality to transport users to unique environments like a beach, mountain and cavern. The stress managing app was first demonstrated at Montreal’s Startup Fest last month.

To access WellVR you’ll need the HTC Vive VR headset and the Muse “brain sensing” headband. The VR headset creates an entirely immersive experience for the wearer that becomes clearer and more beautiful as the user relaxes. Muse takes brain signals and turns them into audio and video inputs, meaning that as you relax and settle down, the ambient sounds settle with you and the images become more precise.

WellVR helps to guide meditative efforts and aid users in obtaining a deeper and more concentrated sense of focus.

One of the best parts of the Vive and WellVR integration is that the VR tech does not have wires, meaning users won’t feel tethered to anything. It’s a simple idea, but anything that gets in your way or limits your movement can become frustrating, thereby increasing a user’s stress levels.

“It is widely accepted that meditation can reduce stress. This type of application can improve focus and performance,” said Greg Adelstein, president of iGotcha Media in a release. “WellVR is still in its early stages of development. It is very powerful because it offers virtually limitless flexibility to be tailored to individual needs and preferences.”

IGotcha Media is a digital interactive studio that specializes in constructing memorable screen-based experiences. They have worked with Cirque du Soleil, National Bank of Canada and Reebok, among others.