Web App Aggregates Parking Options, Makes Finding and Listing Monthly Parking Simple

A solution to the parking nightmares in major cities across Canada may have emerged in Toronto to make finding and listing monthly parking simple.

WhereiPark is a new web application that aggregates the most parking options – from managed lots, to condos, to driveways – and offers people a range of choices to suit their needs and budget.

“Parking has become harder than ever to find, particularly in the downtown cores of major cities including Toronto. There is a huge gap between parking demand and space available, so we decided to create a tool that would fill the need on both sides,” says Alex Enchin, cofounder.

WhereiPark is the first Canadian website that allows people and companies to both list and rent a monthly parking spot.

“In Toronto, we are seeing a growing trend of people opting to live car-free,” says Jeremy Zuker, cofounder. “If those people have a parking spot, they could rent it for an average of $150 a month which is almost $2,000 a year in extra income. Additionally, people who drive to work and therefore leave their home parking spot open during the day, can rent it out to someone who works nearby and only needs it during the workday.”

Both Enchin and Zuker hail from WagJag. They founded WhereiPark in 2014.

“We decided to create a peer-to-peer sharing model to empower individuals to make parking simple,” added Zuker.