Netflix: Here’s Why Streaming Video is Better Than Watching Traditional TV

As digital content streaming slowly takes over traditional television—and, in some cases, peacefully co-exists with it—Netflix felt it necessary to explain why streaming is simply better overall.

Matt Marenghi, the company’s vice-president of user experience, took to YouTube in a Quick Guide video to answer the question: What is streaming and why is it better?

“With streaming, we can bring you a much better experience than what you get when watching traditional television, downloading a movie, or even playing a DVD,” Marenghi says. “Streaming means that it’s entirely on demand and always ready to watch on virtually every device that’s ready to connect to the internet.”

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“No huge file to download before you can start watching, no need to tune into a specific day and time, no more scheduling or recording,” he continues. “You simply click and watch what you want, whenever you want, wherever you like. “

Marenghi also points out that Netflix enables pausing, rewinding, and fast forwarding, and allows users to stop watching content at any time and start watching the same content on a different device effortlessly.

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Netflix users stream a combined one million hours of video per month, according to the company. Netflix’s content streaming accounts for up to one-third of all internet traffic in Canada during peak hours and saw subscriptions climb 50% in 2012, according to a report from the Media Technology Monitor.