With Two Million Apps Now in Store, Apple Has Paid $50 Billion to Developers

This week at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 in San Francisco, Apple revealed that its App Store now has more than two million apps available.

Those two million apps have been downloaded a combined 130 billion times, CEO Tim Cook said during keynote. And app developers have been paid nearly $50 billion in total since the App Store launched years ago.

This year’s WWDC is focusing on the operating systems for Apple Watch, iPhone, and Mac. One of the new features of watchOS 3 is that users can now call an emergency number like 911 quickly from their watch. The feature, called SOS, also enables users to embed a medical card into their watch, so emergency services can swiftly access information like date of birth, age, and medical conditions.

On the Mac side, owners of MacBooks and iMacs will soon enjoy the benefits of Siri, who herself is seeing several improvements in functionality and intelligence. Meanwhile, iOS users will observe some updates as well, including a new Maps design, a new Music interface, and rich links in iMessage.