WordPress Widgets Allow Users to Show Support for Net Neutrality

WordPress wants you to fight for the future of net neutrality by activating a plugin for your site.

Automattic is the company that owns and operates WordPress. They are collectively taking a stand with several other massive companies including Netflix, Google and AirBnB to protest for net neutrality in today’s day of action. Net neutrality is the basic understanding that internet service providers are not allowed to throttle services (from bandwidth to loading speeds) to specific companies or organizations and must maintain a neutral stance in terms of resources provided.

WordPress is enabling the use of a net neutrality protest widget for all sites built through the platform. The plugin is built by the Internet Defense League and is aptly named the Cat Signal. Think of it like the Bat Signal summoning the caped crusader, but this beacon is the most ubiquitous creature on the internet summoning its vigilant net neutrality champions. If cats aren’t your thing, there is also a plugin offered by the nonprofit and net neutrality focused organization Fight for the Future.

These widgets are designed to only appear today, meaning a few of those sites you commonly frequent that are created by WordPress may look a little different for up to 24 hours. The alerts that will pop up will urge visitors to contact Congress and the FCC through an on-screen and easily filled out form.


At the end of this day of action, the widgets will fall dormant and wait until the inevitable next time net neutrality is threatened.

The battle for neutrality has been ongoing ever since a new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission tabled propositions in late May to reshape how internet services are provided to users.