WordStream adds a free negative keyword tool to its roster

WordStream, a provider of keyword tools for pay-per-click and search engine optimization efforts, today releases its “Free Negative Keyword Tool“—yes, that’s the official name.

WordStream, founded by Canada’s Larry Kim, says the tool is designed to quickly identify lists of highly-effective negative keywords for PPC advertisers.

With the launch of the Free Negative Keyword Tool, anyone who runs a paid search marketing campaign with Google AdWords, Bing AdCenter or Yahoo Sponsored Search now has the power to:

  • Stop wasteful ad spend before it happens by proactively setting negative keywords and match types with the suggestions provided by WordStream’s tool
  • Save time and increase productivity by identifying whole clusters of related negative keyword candidates rather than single instances of negative terms
  • Perform negative keyword research by eliminating any “positive terms” that are relevant to your website from your list of negatives and exporting your list of negatives in an AdWords-ready format

The Free Negative Keyword Tool works by in three stages: first, by identifying a list of high-traffic keyword niches that are related to your business, service, or product. Second, it lets you designate which of these keyword niches are relevant to your business and which ones aren’t. Third, the Tool then saves any keyword terms you deem “negative,” and suggests additional, related terms that have a high likelihood of getting matched against the ad groups within your paid search accounts.

“The Free Negative Keyword Tool saves PPC advertisers the headache of going the long, tedious and expensive traditional route of waiting for your ad campaigns to mature and accrue query data, then sifting through search query reports to uncover negative keywords,” said Larry Kim, who received a B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Honours) from the University of Waterloo. “So rather than wasting tons of time, money and energy, you can quickly and efficiently weed out irrelevant terms with our tool, thereby eliminating wasted spend before these terms ever cost you a single penny.”

WordStreams previous tool launches happened last December: The Keyword Niche Finder, which identifies and targets profitable keyword niches, and The Keyword Grouper, which groups and organizes lists of keywords into actionable keyword groups to turn into ad groups or website content.

Beta user and independent search marketing consultant Ian Hughes had said of the tools upon their release, “The great thing is that the two tools really complement each other. The Keyword Niche Finder lets me quickly identify not only single keyword ideas, but the most popular clusters of keyword. And The Keyword Grouper is great for making sense of a lot of data or a long list of keywords you’ve already created.”

And now there’s a third to complement them. Guess three’s not always a crowd.