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How to Become a Business Analyst

How Much Does a Business Analyst Make?

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According to job site Indeed, the average salary for a Business Analyst is $79,070 per year in the United States. That said, Business Analyst salaries will vary quite a bit, depending on your experience, the region you’re in, and the experience you bring to the role.

In Los Angeles, for example, average annual Business Analyst salaries run in the mid to high five figures and up ($73,000 per Glassdoor, $98,000 per Indeed, and $88,000 per Neuvoo). In New York City, meanwhile, average salaries run slightly higher ($76,000 per Glassdoor, $84,000 per Indeed, and $100,000 per Neuvoo). That’s before cash bonuses are figured in, which can potentially add another few thousand to those figures. For Senior Business Analysts, the pull is even higher – add another 15 to 20 percent to the figures for a Business Analyst.

In Canada, at least in terms of averages, most sources cite annual salaries of roughly $70,000 to $80,000 a year ($65,000 per Glassdoor, $68,000 per Indeed, and $79,000 per Neuvoo). It’s worth noting, though, that the bell curve skews low, so while you won’t find many jobs that pay significantly below average, there are plenty of jobs that pay well above it. In fact, for a Senior Business Analyst, the average salary sits at around the mid-80s ($82,000 per Glassdoor, $87,000 per Indeed, and $85,000 per Neuvoo).

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