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How to Write a UI Designer Cover Letter

BrainStation’s UI Designer career guide is intended to help you take the first steps toward a lucrative career in UI design. Read on for an overview of how to write a UI Designer cover letter to help you get a job in user interface design.

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Job seekers in the user experience design field as either UI Designers or UX Designers have a challenge for them when writing a job application. You need a winning combination of a design portfolio, cover letter, and either a resume or a CV that will make hiring managers a fan of your work.

There can be similarities between job positions and job requirements for user interface design and user experience design, depending on companies or job sites. Focusing on your preferences between UI and UX design, knowing where you can add more value to a role, and effectively communicating your abilities throughout your cover letter can help shorten the time spend job hunting and help land your next interview.

What Are UI Cover Letters?

A cover letter is a brief document that provides information about your skills and experience as a User Interface Designer. Cover letters accompany resumes and portfolios when applying for UI design jobs.

Cover letters are a way to pitch an employer. They highlight your passion and credentials, and they explain why you would be an asset to the company. Successful cover letters will persuade an employer to further review your application and invite you for an interview.

UI Cover Letters – a Step-by-Step Guide

Keep these best practices in mind to craft a UI cover letter that stands out.

Follow instructions

Before you start drafting your cover letter, review the job posting for specific directions. Some companies may request that your cover letter follow a particular format, or answer certain questions. Show the employer that you can follow directions and pay attention to details.

Customize for every position

Employers can easily spot generic cover letters. All-purpose cover letters also indicate a lack of interest in the position. For each position you apply to, create a unique and personalized cover letter that highlights skills and experiences relevant to that job.

Research the company

Show your interest by mentioning specific work or projects by the company. Take the time to learn more about their vision, values, and culture and showcase your knowledge throughout your cover letter.

Be concise

Your UI cover letter should be one-page maximum. Keep the content short and focused.

Highlight relevant skills and experiences

Share your design experience that is most relevant to the role, including user interface programs, mobile applications, and more. Expand on your skills and achievements in your cover letter, and explain why you would be an asset to the company.

Develop a cohesive application

Your job application materials—including your cover letter, resume, and portfolio—are a reflection of your design abilities. Use the same colors, fonts, and structure throughout your documents to craft an application that represents your best self.

Review and proofread

Check your cover letter for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Another good practice is to read your cover letter out loud to make sure the content flows well.

Getting Started – What Is the Purpose of the Cover Letter?

The purpose of a UI cover letter is to introduce yourself to a potential employer. The cover letter is your opportunity to share relevant work experiences, skills, and achievements that make you stand out among other candidates. Ultimately, your cover letter should persuade employers to review your resume and invite you for an interview.

The cover letter is also where you can tell your story. Share your experiences in a thoughtful and compelling way. Explain the value you can bring as a UI Designer. As you craft your cover letter, consider these questions:

  • What makes you a great UI Designer?
  • What are your relevant skills and experiences?
  • Why do you want to work at this company?
  • What unique qualities can you bring that will help the company?

Job applications will often ask for both a cover letter and a resume or CV. Know which document showcases your information the best to maximize the space you have to win over the hiring managers reviewing your application.

How to Create an Outline for a UI Designer Cover Letter

Here is a good general outline to follow when writing a UI Designer cover letter:

  • Heading, including your name and contact information
  • Date
  • The Hiring Manager’s name and title, and the company’s name and address
  • Greeting
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Body paragraph(s)
  • Closing paragraph
  • Sign off

What to Include in Your UI Design Cover Letter?

For your UI Designer cover letter, you should include a heading and greeting, an introduction, an overview of relevant UI design skills, a synopsis of your UI design experience, reasons you’re applying, and a courteous closing.


At the top of your cover letter, include contact information such as your name, email address, and phone number. It is common to also include links to your online portfolio, case studies, and LinkedIn page.


Try to avoid generic salutations such as “To Whom It May Concern”. Personal greetings make a bigger impact. Review the company website, browse through LinkedIn or call the company’s front office to find the name and title of the Hiring Manager.


Your opening paragraph, particularly the first sentence, should grab the reader’s attention and make them want to know more. Consider sharing an accomplishment, expressing your interest, or mentioning a contact.

Relevant skills

Review the job posting to identify the most essential skills and qualifications for the position. Highlight your top skills and strengths that are relevant to the position.

Design experience

Share examples of your UI work and the results you achieved. Keep the company in mind when you do this. Select design projects that are particularly relevant to the role or the company’s work.

Reasons for applying

This is your opportunity to show your passion for UI design and the company. Share your design interests, and explain why you are interested in the role.


End your cover letter by reiterating your interest and skills. Thank the Hiring Manager for their time and invite them to contact you.

UI Designer Cover Letter Example

There are many ways you can approach your UI Designer cover letter, and using a cover letter template is often a good way to the ideas flowing.

Here are a few cover letter examples to get you started.

UI Designer Cover Letter Example #1

Hello [Hiring Manager Name],

As an experienced User Interface Designer who specializes in mobile application design, I am thrilled to submit my application for the UI Designer position. I have extensive experience in prototyping and app design, and I am eager to join the team at XYZ Company.

I am currently the Junior UI Designer at Design Company, where I develop innovative user interface experiences that meet our clients’ needs and objectives. I have experience in generating process flows and sitemaps, and I have created everything from widgets and buttons to illustrations and animations. The latest app I helped design received the 2020 Design Award for best user interface.

I have followed XYZ Company’s work for several years now. Your dedication to building products that are memorable and function has inspired much of my own work. I am thrilled to bring my experience and passion to build outstanding landing pages and apps for XYZ Company.

I have attached my resume and portfolio. Please feel free to contact me at 555-555-5555 or Thank you kindly for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,


UI Designer Cover Letter Example #2

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

I have always been passionate about creating beautiful and functional products. It is with excitement that I apply to XYZ Company. I am a passionate Designer with two years of experience in designing and shaping user-centric products. I think I would be a great fit for the UI Designer position at XYZ Company.

As a Designer at Design Company, I create wireframes, prototypes, storyboards, and user flows. I recently helped redesign a customer management system, which led to a 98% satisfaction rate among users.

My experience designing visually compelling and user-friendly solutions would make me an excellent addition to XYZ Company. I am skilled in Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, and InVision. I have experience working with Developers, Copywriters, and UX Designers. I believe XYZ Company’s dedication to teamwork would be the ideal environment for me to grow as a UI Designer.

I would love to discuss how my skills could contribute to XYZ Company. I have included my resume, and my portfolio is available at I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Starting with either a UI Designer cover letter example will allow you to personalize the content even further for a unique cover letter for each application.

UI Designer Cover Letter Sample

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Website, LinkedIn


  • Hiring Manager’s Name
  • Hiring Manager’s Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Company Address

Dear sir or madam,

My experience in [list experiences] and ability to [list skill] and [list skill] would make me a great candidate for the UI Designer position at [company].

As a [current/past job title] at [current/previous company], I was responsible for [list main responsibilities]. Among the projects I worked on were [discuss major accomplishments as a Designer].

I am impressed by [discuss one of the company’s projects or values]. I am excited to apply for this position because [reasons you are excited about the company]. I feel that I would be a great addition to your team. I can bring my expertise in [list skills that are relevant to the position] to further enhance your work.

I have attached my resume for you to learn more about my skills, education, and work experience. Please feel free to contact me at [contact information]. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



Key Takeaways for a UI Designer Cover Letter

The information outlined above is a great starting place for job seekers when crafting your cover letter. Here are some final considerations to ensure you are highlighting the right information in your cover letter, and maximizing the space between your cover letter and resume to demonstrate why you are the best fit for the position.

  • Research the company to understand how you can be a valuable asset to their team
  • Update your resume and portfolio with examples that showcase your best work
  • Use a cover letter template to get you started
  • Select relevant abilities to describe who you are as a professional
  • Proofread your cover letter a few times to ensure it is professional and error-free
  • Attach all requested pieces including cover letter, resume, portfolio, or presentation for the application in the requested file format