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  • 30 Hours

    30 hours, with self-guided learning outside of the classroom.

  • Taught by Industry Leaders

    Learn from experts who bring their real-world experience to every class.

  • Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

    Smaller class sizes make for a more interactive, collaborative learning experience.

  • Hands-on Projects

    Don't just sit in front of a lecturer; hands-on learning allows you to work on real projects that matter to you.

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What You'll Learn

You'll learn how to collect, organize and make sense of data using industry tools.

  • Analysis How to start getting insights from your data.
  • Microsoft Excel Refine and optimize your analysis in Excel.
  • SQL Write queries to build and analyze databases.
  • Databases Store and manage your data in a relational database.
  • Visualization Build meaningful narratives with your data and Tableau.
  • Presentation Showcase insights from your data.

Is This Course For Me?

BrainStation’s part-time Data Analytics course is designed to teach students how to collect, organize and analyze data, and is ideal for anyone working in marketing, product development, project management, or general business administration. The course breaks down the topic into 4 components: Understanding Data, Analyzing Data, Databases, and Communicating Data.

Hands-on, project-based learning gives students the opportunity to apply each lesson’s learnings, and by the end of the course students will have built out a dashboard to provide insight into a publicly available set of data.

When armed with the right tools, making sense of data provides a lot of value to a business, improving decision making and overall efficiency. By the end of this course, students will be well-versed in the tools used by Data Analysts. They will be able to take large sets of data and communicate insights to drive decision making in organizations, both large and small.

Be sure to get a Course Package to view curriculum information, Educator details and past projects. If you have any questions about whether or not this course is for you, please contact us and we'd be happy to help.

"The learning environment is great and I always found myself wanting more."

Mark, Data Analytics Alumni

The BrainStation campus
The BrainStation campus

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