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Digital Marketing Resume Examples

BrainStation’s digital marketing career guide can help start a career in marketing, including content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. Read on for tips on how to create a great digital marketing resume with samples and templates.

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Before landing your dream job in digital marketing, you need to reach your target audience that is the hiring manager of your selected company, communicate how you are their ideal candidate, and convert them to hiring you.

A Digital Marketer knows that one product can appeal to a variety of people depending on what features are highlighted to which audience. A hiring manager has a never-ending feed of applications all vying for their attention. How do you ensure that your resume is the one that is “thumb-stopping” enough for your job application to win you a role on a digital marketing team?

What Are Digital Marketing Resumes?

A digital marketing resume summarizes a Digital Marketer’s skills, experience, education, and qualifications. Resumes are an important document in the job hunt and application process. Together with the cover letter, a resume should convince an employer that a candidate is well suited for a job. Digital marketing resumes highlight major achievements and show how the candidate can help the company meet its goals.

Digital Marketing Resumes – A Step by Step Guide

Before you dive into writing your digital marketing resume, you will first want to do some important planning and preparation.

Know your target

In a digital marketing campaign, you need a target audience in mind. Similarly, because your resume is a way to market yourself, you need to know your audience. This involves understanding what the job entails and who the employer is. An established agency will have different needs than a small non-profit organization. Additionally, some organizations are looking to add digital marketers to their team to develop digital marketing strategies from the ground up, whereas established corporations may look for a digital marketing specialist to solely focus on one specific channel or company goal, such as lead generation.

Research the company

After you’ve identified your target audience, learn more about their work, mission, and values. Look through their company website, social media, or online presence. Each resume should be tailored to the position and company. The more you know about the company, the easier it will be to customize your resume.

Craft an elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is your sales pitch—it is a brief synopsis of your experience and what sets you apart. Think about what makes you a great marketer. Your elevator pitch will help you determine which skills and experiences to emphasize in your resume. This section may or may not include a career summary, depending on your experience.

Analyze the job posting

Highlight key skills and verb phrases from the job posting. These are what you should include in your resume. Some employers will use a resume scanner for an initial screening of candidates. Including the right keywords will help you pass this screening. However, you don’t want to just write for a computer—ultimately, it is an employer that will be reading and evaluating your resume.

Understand your abilities

A smart marketer knows how to pivot the same product to different audiences depending on their needs. While one company may need an email marketing strategy, another may need a content marketing plan. Present your work experience according to the needs of the company and job description.

After completing this strategic planning, you’re ready to begin writing the best resume to showcase your marketing expertise. As you start drafting your digital marketing resume, consider these resume best practices for a digital marketer.

Create a concise document

Ideally, your resume should be a single page. Your digital marketing resume is not a comprehensive list of your experiences. Rather, it is a snapshot of your most relevant achievements. Hiring Managers and Recruiters will appreciate a short, focused resume.

Personalize each resume

Postings for digital marketers vary and require different experience and expertise. Tailor your resume to each job you are applying to. Show the employer that you have the specific qualifications they are looking for.

Organize your content

Structure your content with clear headings. Use bullet points to make your resume easy to read.

Choose a clean design

Opt for a simple resume design. Select one or two fonts, use color sparingly and have plenty of white space so your resume is easy to scan. If the position is related to design, put extra effort into your resume template, as it is a reflection of your design sensibility.

Use strong action verbs

When describing achievements, choose impactful action verbs that explain your contributions. Examples include expanded, communicated, launched, consulted, and presented.

Add numbers and figures

Stats and metrics are hard evidence of your performance. Quantify your successes where possible with metrics mentioned in the job description, such as conversion rates.

Write stellar accomplishment statements

Accomplishment statements describe the impact of your work. They follow this general formula: action verb + task + result. An example of an accomplishment statement is, “Redesigned company landing page, which grew e-commerce sales by 25 percent in six months.”

Review and edit

Before submitting your resume, carefully look over your spelling and grammar. Show that you are detail-oriented and have outstanding communication abilities.

Getting Started – What is the Purpose of the Resume?

The resume pitches your digital marketing experiences to an employer. It shows why you are well suited for a position. Resumes should tell the story of how your background and experience level makes you the perfect candidate for a specific job.

A resume is not a list of everything you have done—rather, it is a snapshot of your most relevant achievements. After reading your resume, an employer should have a better sense of who you are, what you have accomplished, and what you can bring to their team.

How to Create an Outline for a Digital Marketing Resume

Follow this general outline to create a strong and organized digital marketing resume:

  • Start with a header with your full name, email address, phone number, LinkedIn, and portfolio.
  • Include a captivating profile or summary that highlights your key skills and achievements.
  • Showcase your work experience in reverse chronological order.
  • List your education, including any degrees or certificates.
  • List relevant digital marketing skills that match the job description.
  • Add extra sections that highlight other accomplishments and activities that make you stand out.

What to Include in Your Digital Marketing Resume?

Digital marketing is a growing field that can encompass project management, user experience, e-commerce, and marketing. Generalist positions such as Digital Marketing Manager and Digital Marketing Specialist are good for a jack of all trades. A proficient familiarity with social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing is expected.

However, each of these digital marketing disciplines is substantial enough that depending on a company’s marketing plan, a specialist may be required to solely focus on that digital marketing channel as mentioned previously.

In your digital marketing resume, you should include your experience, education, and skills, as well as a profile or summary. Round off your resume with awards, activities, or interests.


Near the beginning of your resume, write a two to four sentence introduction to hook the reader. Include your key digital marketing experience and accomplishments and paint a picture about why you are the best candidate. Tell your story—what makes you a great Digital Marketer?

Digital marketing experience

List a few of your most relevant experiences, with the most recent experience listed first. Include the job title, company, dates, and location. In two to three bullet points, describe what you achieved during each experience. Rather than listing your responsibilities, emphasize the results. For example, “Led SEO strategy in order to drive traffic” is a job duty. “Implemented SEO strategy, which boosted site visits by 200 percent” is a result.


This section of your resume should include your university/college degrees, as well as any certifications or diplomas. Include the degree/certificate, university/organization, and dates attended. You can also add relevant coursework and academic achievements.


Digital marketing is a broad field, which requires a range of skills. Refer back to the job description when selecting which skills to highlight.


Add in additional resume sections as needed to highlight other achievements or expertise. This may include projects, awards, volunteer work, languages, or interests. Showcase the unique qualities or activities that make you stand out among other candidates.

What Skills Should You Put on a Digital Marketing Resume?

The skills you put on your digital marketing resume depend on the position and company to which you are applying. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of activities, so the skills will vary between roles. To determine what skills to include, review the job description and reference resume examples. Match the skills listed on the description to your own skills.

Some of the most important digital marketing to consider including in the skills section are:

  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • UX Design
  • SEO and SEM
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Media
  • Data Analysis
  • Storytelling
  • Website/Landing Page Maintenance
  • Design
  • Sales Process and Persuasion
  • Project Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Research

You can also list digital marketing tools that you are proficient in. This may include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • SEMrush
  • MailChimp
  • SendGrid
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Hootsuite
  • Later
  • Buffer
  • Adobe Creative Suite

Be sure to also include relevant, descriptive soft skills in your cover letter and resume. Crafting digital marketing campaigns requires collaboration, quick-thinking, and intuition. Highlight character traits that support your experience as a digital marketer and the kind of team member you would be should the company hire you.

Consider the user experience when someone reads your resume. They should understand why their needs would be fulfilled, and understand your value to their team based on the information presented and how it is presented.

Digital Marketing Resume Templates


Phone Number





Passionate digital marketer with extensive experience in [areas of expertise]. Successfully [digital marketing accomplishment or project]. Enthusiastic about [digital marketing interests].


Job title, Company

Month, Year – Month, Year

  • [Action word] [skill/task] [result/impact]
  • [Action word] [skill/task] [result/impact]
  • [Action word] [skill/task] [result/impact]

Job title, Company

Month, Year – Month, Year

  • [Action word] [skill/task] [result/impact]
  • [Action word] [skill/task] [result/impact]
  • [Action word] [skill/task] [result/impact]


Degree or certificate earned, School name Graduation date

  • [Relevant courses]
  • [Academic achievements]


  • [Skills]
  • [Tools]


  • [Award]
  • [Volunteer]
  • [Languages]

Key Digital Marketing Resume Takeaways

As a Digital Marketer, you are responsible for communicating value and capturing the attention of your selected audience in a crowded space. Knowing what features to highlight to the right people at the right time is your specialty.

Think of your resume like you would a digital marketing campaign. The hiring manager is the user that has come to your website to find a solution that solves their problem. In this case, you are the solution to their problem of an open position at their company.

Make sure your resume includes the relevant information that a person would expect to find on a resume. Present the information so that someone can understand your successes and work experience with minimal context.

If you build your resume like you would build a digital marketing campaign, and bring the same level of detail and passion, you will put yourself in a great position to create a standout resume and cover letter package.

Review the following before submitting your resume:

  • Research the company, the role, and relevant digital marketing skills
  • Reference digital marketing resume examples and marketing resume samples to build a resume outline
  • Add relevant education experience, work experience and digital marketing projects to the correct section of your resume
  • Highlight experience with machine learning and design tools
  • Craft concise bullet points using the action verb + task +result format for each experience, emphasizing data-driven successes
  • Have a trusted peer proofread your digital marketing resume for grammar and spelling to make sure your experience is professionally presented

The demand for digital marketing will continue to evolve as audience expectations shift. Traditional marketers will continue to integrate digital campaigns, and digital natives continue to innovate the technology used on a day-to-day basis.

Ensuring the digital marketing experience on your resume reflects your professional value will increase your personal brand awareness to a hiring manager and have your resume and cover letter appear at the top of their digital marketer search query.


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