how to become a ui designer (2024 Guide)

How Much Do UI Designers Make?

BrainStation’s UI Designer career guide is intended to help you take the first steps toward a lucrative career in UI design. Read on for an overview of the average salary for a UI Designer.

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While salary ranges can vary greatly depending on the region you’re in and your level of experience, UI Designers’ salaries compare very favorably to those in other fields of design, and even to those across the tech industry.

What Salary Will I Earn as a UI Designer?

UI Designer salaries average in the range of $76,000 to $78,000, per Glassdoor and Neuvoo; entry-level positions begin in the $40,000 range and can rise above $100,000 for a Senior UI Designer.

Compare that to $45,000 for the average Graphic Designer salary, or $60,000–$68,000 for a Web Developer, per both Glassdoor and Payscale.