Ottawa’s Corsa Technology Raises $4.2 Million Round Led by Celtic House Venture Partners

Corsa Technology this morning raised more than $4 million in an initial round of financing led by Celtic House Venture Partners.

The Ottawa-based company says it will use the funding to establish itself in software-defined networking markets.

Founded by Bruce Gregory, Yatish Kumar, Carolyn Raab and Steve Yee, Corsa’s solutions will dramatically improve SDN architectures and deliver unprecedented data control and network flexibility, according to the Canadian company.

Currently, network designers find themselves constrained by the limitations of networks that do not easily scale for size or speed, are difficult to configure and are tied to specific vendors’ proprietary implementations. With Corsa’s solutions, these constraints are removed and the high-bandwidth, dynamic nature of today’s and tomorrow’s many data applications becomes completely unrestrained.

“This round of funding is a testament to Corsa’s innovative technology and market vision that has guided the founders from the outset,” Corsa says.

Founded in 1994, Celtic House has generated 25 initial public offerings and acquisitions. With offices in Toronto, Montréal and Ottawa, Celtic House manages $425 million across three funds.