Halifax Startup Launches Levitation, the World’s First Compact Bionic Knee Brace

Today Spring Loaded Technology announced the official launch of its Levitation bionic knee brace for consumer sales across North America.

As the world’s first bionic knee brace, Levitation uniquely enhances knee strength, mobility, and endurance by storing energy as the leg bends and then returning that energy as the leg straightens. Current users range from performance athletes, to manual laborers, to people with osteoarthritis.

As part of the announcement the Halifax startup is now welcoming commercial partnerships with clinics, distributors, and brace retailers across Canada.

The product launch takes place as the Government of Canada announces a $2.46-million investment through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF).

Spring Loaded Technology CEO Chris Cowper-Smith describes the announcement as “The next chapter in our journey to change and improve lives in a big way.”

After successfully securing USD $208,000 through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, delivering a $1-million contract for the Canadian forces, and fulfilling hundreds of consumer pre-orders, the Nova Scotia company is entering what they call real-time production.

With bolstered manufacturing capacity, product improvements, and increased demand, Spring Loaded Technology is positioned to deliver Levitation across North America, to help people do more of what they love.