Interface Health Launches Global Digital Health Accelerator

Interface Health Society has a global digital health accelerator and online community.

The Vancouver-based not-for-profit digital health organization says its accelerator, called Interface Health, is a place for digital health innovators to find the resources they need.

Interface Health is described as “an integrated multi-platform consisting of an annual global competition, a social network and an annual summit.”

“Currently, there is no one place in Canada (or globally, for that matter), where researchers, innovators, commercial partners and consumers can come together, online or on their smart phones, to discover innovations, connect with one another and share ideas and opportunities,” Michael Bidu, founder of Interface Health, says.

“Interface Health will save time and money for everyone in the digital health space by empowering patients and consumers, and by making it easier and faster for innovators to find and connect with resources, expertise and capital,” Bidu added.

Healthcare systems in Canada are struggling to remain sustainable and accessible due to rising costs of new medicines and technologies and the growing numbers of senior citizens the systems must serve, Bidu says.

“Technology and innovation is democratizing medicine,” he notes. “It puts the patient in control of their own health. And that’s good news for healthcare providers, communities, employers and governments.”

He adds that Interface Health will help help position Canada as a world centre of excellence in digital health.

“There are more than 100 digital health companies in BC alone, with more springing up every day,” says Bidu.

Companies who have expressed early interest in what Interface Health is aiming to accomplish include Telus, Ayogo Health, and Genome BC.