QRZap brings QR codes to your business

If you think QR Codes are cool, but have no idea how they work, QRZap might be just what you are looking for. Designed to make it easy for any business to use, QRZap helps you set up QR codes to market your business.

To make QR codes easy to understand, QRZap describes them as a hyperlink, like the ones you see on webpages. The QR code is a physical hyperlink that directs users where ever you’d like after they scan the code. This means you can link to anything, from anywhere. You can put them on billboards, marketing pamphlets, business cards and t-shirts.

If you go the trouble of printing your QR code on your marketing materials, you won’t want to update the QR code every time you update where you are sending people. To avoid this, when people scan the code, QRZap sends you to what it calls a QR Space. This space allows you to completely customize where you are sending people. You can update your QR Space when ever you like.

You can sign up for free and immediately get to work building a QR Space. If you’re interested in using QRZap for your business, they offer business accounts as well. It looks like the business accounts offer more services, plus customizable solutions. QRZap is developed by Calgary’s Fenture Solutions.