Tapstream Co-founders Step Aside and Promote Sales Leader to CEO

Victoria’s Tapstream ended 2014 with several records and have made an executive change as a result.

According to a press release last week, the mobile startup grew 14X over the course of the year while the platform now routinely handles over 10,000 requests per second from the many mobile apps that rely on it.

Product sales have been growing steadily as well with January 2015 being the best month on the record.

Part of this success is fuelled by customer interest in Deferred Deeplinks: it was a year ago that Tapstream announced the industry-first deferred deeplinking service, allowing app makers to deep link newly acquired users to the correct spot inside the app.

Today, deferred deep links account for 13% of all app installs managed by Tapstream and are used by some of the biggest names in the industry like Twitch, HootSuite, Edmunds, Tilt and Bleacher Report.

To respond to the changing needs of the company, the two co-founders, Slaven Radic and Ben Fox, are promoting the person behind the current sales success to the role of CEO: Michael Zsigmond, previously Tapstream’s VP of Sales.

“The last year saw a big shift in how mobile apps acquired users” Zsigmond said. “Deeplinking gained traction in 2013 as a re-engagement tool, and in 2014 we witnessed the emergence of deferred deeplinking for user acquisition. Some of the marketing campaigns we see being prepared for 2015 will show why deferred deeplinks are becoming an essential marketing tool.”

Radic and Fox will take strategic roles as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Product Officer respectively, while remaining on the company board as directors.

“I’m excited to pass the CEO baton to Michael” Radic said, “He’s been instrumental to Tapstream getting to this point today. The change will also allow me and my cofounder Ben to focus on what our customers want out of Tapstream in 2016 and beyond”

Tapstream raised a $700,000 seed round in October 2013 led by BDC and including a number of strategic angel investors.